ELARD is a partner in the ENPARD Georgia project “Strengthening Rural Development Models in Georgia”. The project period started in November 2017 and finishes in autumn of 2019.

Partners in this project are Mercy Corps, CARE, PIN as well as the three Georgian LAGs in Borjomi, Kazbegi and Lagodekhi. The focus of this project is to support the three LAGs in building up knowledge and capacity. The project will also support the disbursal of development sub-grants which will facilitate the realisation of the Local Development Strategies. Another aim of this project is to create a network of all LAGs – termed the “Georgian Association of LAGs” (GALAG).

Our task is to accompany the establishment of GALAG and provide trainings on the following topics:

  • LEADER & Community-led Local Development
  • National network management
  • National network’s role in local development planning
  • Network Co-operation to share best practices between National Networks and to support LAG’s international co-operations
  • Stakeholder involvement, facilitation and negotiation skills


European LEADER Association for Rural Development support activities for Georgian Local Action Groups, Brussels 2019

Analytical report and expert opinion about establishment and operations of local action groups network (GALAG) in Georgia, Brussels 2018 - including annexes Report “Results of the reviews of the local development strategies in Borjomi, Kazbegi and Lagodekhi area”, Brussels 2017


Workshop "GALAG as cooperation and communication platform" in the ENPARD Project "Strengthening Rural Development Models in Georgia", 14-16th of December, Tbilisi

Designing the communication (action) plan “GALAG as a national LAGs Network – its’ role and responsibility” in the ENPARD Project "Strengthening Rural Development Models in Georgia", 12-14th of July, Batumi LEADER/CLLD Sub-Group Meeting. Working Visit of the ENPARD Project "Strengthening Rural Development Models in Georgia”. 21-22nd of February, Georgia

European Rural Parliament (ERP)

ROAD project reports    Result report

              Final report

              Best practice in LEADER/CLLD using ERDF and ESF            

              Simplification practice in LEADER/CLLD

ELARD is working as part of the latest ERP project known as ROAD. ROAD aims to raise the profile of the ERP and demonstrate the importance of rural communities working together and sharing information.

The ERP is a co-operation project between the three European rural networks PREPARE Partnership for Rural Europe, ERCA (European Rural Communities Alliance) and ELARD. As the foregone ERP projects this third ERP project was funded with the support of the European Programme “Europe for Citizens”.

The task of ELARD in this project is the implementation of the sub-project “LEADER/CLLD for citizens and for the European Union”. Its aim is to develop suggestions on how LEADER/CLLD can strengthen the connection between the EU and the citizens via integrated local development and well managed usage of different ESI Funds.

The 4th ERP event will be held in Spain in November 2019.

To know more about the ERP in general please follow this link

The ERP project in 2016-2017 was mostly carried out through the SPARCE Project. As in the other projects this ERP was jointly co-ordinated by the three European rural networks ERCA, PREPARE and ELARD.

The aim of the SPARCE Project was to strengthen the participation of rural citizens in the European Union in shaping policies and taking actions for the well-being of rural economies and communities. The project had five main elements:

  • Advocacy at national and European level
  • Multi-national thematic projects
  • The 3rd European Rural Parliament
  • Action to strengthen our networks and widen outreach
  • Dissemination of ideas from the project

Please find here the link to the description of the project on the ERP Website.

To know more about the ERP in general please follow this link.

As already explained before, the ERP is jointly co-ordinated by the three aforementioned European rural networks.

The stated aim of this first project was to enable the voice of the rural people of Europe to be heard at European level and to promote cooperation and exchange of good practices among rural communities throughout Europe.

Therefore a key element of the project was the generation of an “upward cascade of ideas” springing from the reality of rural life. This was facilitated by a simultaneous set of national campaigns – one in each partner country – starting at a local and synthesised at national level as input to the debates at the ERP.

The project culminated in the second ERP gathering, held on 4-6th of November 2015 in Austria. 230 people from 39 countries participated.

Please find here the link to the final report of this project.

To know more about the ERP in general please follow this link.